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The Xsample Vocalquartet Library consists of recordings of four classically trained singers: Soprano Sofia, Alto Amelie, Tenor Torben and Bass Bruno.
The Xsample Vocalquartet Library comes with Finale Human Playback preferences, a Sibelius Sound Set, Reaper Banks and Cubase Expression Maps.
Technical data: Preset Designer (88 presets) Legato script and real sampled slides (up & down for the vowels a, e & o) Phrase Designer with 13 phrases (with each up to 100 steps) Aleatoric functions with live control possibilities Room Walker for effects within a virtual two-dimensional room 61 IR Samples (room impulses) 7845 Samples 2,81 GB / 4,2 GB
Contained vowels & sounds: (all voices)
Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.5 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player
Xsample Vocalquartet Library documentation
Sofia (Soprano) sounds 1: breath, chew, puh, rr, sigh, undefined sounds sounds 2: cough, laugh, mm, rocket, glissandi
ha short & staccato he short & staccato ho short & staccato du short & staccato ga short & staccato ki short & staccato
Vowel a long Vowel a slides up & down Vowel e long Vowel e slides up & down Vowel o long Vowel o slides up & down
hum buzz w buzz s aeiou
pae short & staccato tra short & staccato la short & staccato ma short & staccato ne short & staccato schae short & staccato su short & staccato
Amelie (Alto) sounds 1: breath, chew, sigh, undefined sounds sounds 2: cough, laugh, mm, rocket
Torben (Tenor) sounds 1: breath, chew, sigh, zsss, kiss, plop, undefined sounds sounds 2:  cough, laugh, mm, rr, uff, shout, rocket
Bruno (Bass) sounds 1: breath, chew, rr, sigh, long slides sounds 2: cough, gibber, laugh, mm, rocket
Xsample professional sound libraries update 2020-5