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Xsample Hybrid is a sound design instrument. The idea Xsample Hybrid is based on, is basically simple: Separating the frequency spectrum of one sample into two Samples. In Xsample Hybrid are numerous multi-samples of acoustic instruments processed in this way. They are called "models". There is a "base" model and a "formant" model.
In Xsample Hybrid can now 342 models be combined with each other in a great variety. Up to 3 base and 3 formant models be involved in a preset and thus quite complex Sounds are produced.
Technical data: 342 models 20862 zones 11548 samples 9 GB TouchOSC Layout Dynamic purging Room Walker for effects in a two-dimensional space 61 IR samples (room impulses) Intelligent (random) preset creation Bank with 127 Presets and much more ...  
Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.3 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player
Xsample Hybrid Library documentation
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