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The Xsample Contemporary Solo Strings Library consists of recordings of solo violin, solo viola, solo violoncello and solo doublebass. The Library is available as bundle or as single instruments.
The Xsample Contemporary Solo Strings Library works with Xsamples Finale Human Playback preferences*, the Xsample Sibelius Sound Set* and comes with Reaper Banks and Cubase Expression Maps. * needs Xsamples Notation Tool   multi script for Kontakt
Technical data: Preset Designer (88 presets) Legato script and real sampled slides (up & down) Phrase Designer with 13 phrases (with each up to 100 steps) Aleatoric functions with live control possibilities Room Walker for effects within a virtual two-dimensional room 61 IR Samples (room impulses) 13085 Samples 6,02 GB / 9,03 GB
Contained playing styles & articulations: (all instruments)
Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.5 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player
Xsample Contemporary Solo Strings Library documentation
artificial harmonics artificial harmonics spiccato natural harmonics sul I natural harmonics sul II natural harmonics sul III natural harmonics sul IV harmonics glissando slow harmonics glissando fast flautando fragile circular bowing bow overpressure bow overpressure staccato
senza vibrato open strings natural vibrato light accent (high position) spiccato spiccato open strings staccato staccato open strings tremolo tremolo open strings marcato sfz marcato staccato marcato staccato open strings gettato
pizzicato sul ponticello Bartok pizzicato pizzicato behind bridge pizzicato in peg box finger (left hand only) col legno col legno gettato body strokes tailpiece bowed undefined sounds slides up slides down
sul ponticello sul ponticello tremolo sul ponticello spiccato sordino senza vibrato sordino open strings sordino natural vibrato sordino spiccato sordino spiccato open strings pizzicato pizzicato open strings pizzicato natural harmonics sul I pizzicato natural harmonics sul II pizzicato natural harmonics sul III pizzicato natural harmonics sul IV
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