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Xsample Tamara is a versatile virtual instrument with expressive vocal sounds and singing. Besides being able to play the multi-samples of the instrument on a MIDI keyboard, there is a phrase mode that allows you to play up to 25 phrases (a 100 steps, either a 13 parameters). The phrases can be created via the "Phrase Designer". Here are a lot of useful functions.
In the Phrases mode aleatoric functions can also be activated, which can be set over 10 menus and 2 buttons. In one phrase six aleatoric presets can be stored.
Technical data: Preset Mixer – combination of singing & vocal sounds Legato script and real Legato (glissando) transitions Phrase Designer with 25 phrases (with each up to 100 steps) Aleatoric functions with live control possibilities Room Walker for effects within a virtual two-dimensional room 61 IR Samples (room impulses) 1171 Samples 522 MB TouchOSC Layout (with 8 pages)  
Tamara's sounds: Vocal sounds (each multi-sample): b, d, g, c, f, h, j, l, m, n, k, p, r, s, sch, t, tsch, v, x, y (pa – without recognizable pitch), z, a (ta – without recognizable pitch), w, breath noises and pant, free glissandi, various vocal sounds, wisper Wisper with recognizable pitch, Hum, Harmonics singing „O“ without vibrato, „O“ with vibrato, „A“ with vibrato Staccati (hi, ha, pa, ta, wa each with two variations / round robin) Transitions (glissandi) 1 sec, up - and down (tempo control with Time Machine Pro) Transitions (glissandi) 3 sec, up - and down (tempo control with Time Machine Pro) Over Formant Filter emulated sounds (i, a/e, o, u)
Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.5 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player
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