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1999 composer and pianist Hans Josef Winkler founded with the Tonmeister Georg Stahl "Xsample professional sound libraries". We discovered that the current film music was based on samples that have not been recorded chromatically. So we developed a library with chromatically recorded acoustic instruments. We had recorded in this time much more material of each instrument, as we have published. So it was natural to extend the instruments gradually. In addition, we have also made new recordings of instruments that we wanted to exchange complete in the old Library. Unfortunately, this work was delayed by various Xsample internal restructuring.
Thanks to my son Maximilian Winkler for the photos of the instruments.
Sebastian Clobes and Hans Josef Winkler at work.
These restructurings comes mid-2015 to an end. Xsample remains at his previous experience with the construction of virtual instruments. Since 2016 Xsample makes new recordings for new instruments and libraries and since 2018 Hans Josef Winkler works togehter with the Tonmeister Sebastian Clobes.
Xsample professional sound libraries
Hans Josef Winkler Komponist & Pianist