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The Xsample Player Edition is a versatile usable library with a total of 32 virtual acoustic instruments. For operation of the library you need no other software (except a DAW such as Cubase, Logic, Reaper or a notation software as Sibelius, Notion or Finale). A player for the instruments is already integrated. The product consists of six parts.
Part 1 – Woodwinds 1 Flute Alto Flute Oboe Oboe d'amore Clarinet (Bb) Bassoon
Part 2 – Woodwinds 2 Piccolo Flute English Horn Clarinet (Eb) Bassclarinet, Alto Saxophone Contrabassoon
Part 3 – Brass French Horn Trumpet Trombone Tuba
Part 4 – Mallets, Percussion & Timpani Marimbaphone Xylophone Vibraphone Glockenspiel Crotales Percussion Timpani
Part 5 – Keyed- & Stringed Instruments Accordion Celesta Toy Piano Harp Guitar
Part 6 – Strings Violin Viola Violoncello Doublebass
Custom GUI Solo playing styles and articulations with alive automatic round robin Ensemble emulation Large tonal ranges of the instruments up to extreme positions All playing styles and articulations clearly in one instrument patch Switch playing styles with key switches, controller or MIDI channel Sibelius Sound Set, Notion Rules and Finale HP preferences included Windows VST2 and VST3, 32bit and 64bit Plug-Ins OS X AU + VST2 and VST3 Plug-In The player has been tested with Cubase, Reaper, Sibelius, Finale and Notion
32bit Windows VST2 + VST3
64bit Windows VST2 + VST3
Xsample Player Edition documentation
Xsample professional sound libraries update 2020-5 new!