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Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.5 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player
Xsample professional sound libraries
Instruments / playing styles & articulations:
A bundle of 7 mallet, 3 stringed and 9 keyed instruments. All instruments are also available as single purchases with included extended edition add-ons.
Stringed Instruments
Keyed Instruments
Marimbaphone: standard mallets standard damped with finger finger damped with sticks bowed (with double bass bow) wiped
Xylophone: standard mallets plastic mallets
Vibraphone: standard mallets xylophone mallets triangle mallets harmonics bowed (with double bass bow)
Crotales: standard mallets plastic mallets bowed (with double bass bow)
Glockenspiel: standard mallets
Chromatic Steel Drum: standard mallets soft mallets hard mallets various effects
Diatonic Steel Drum: standard mallets with sticks glissando effects
Concert Harp I: pizzicato pizzicato damped harmonics multi–harmonics pedal effect sounds slides shouts stroke noises
8 String Guitar: with finger with plectrum slaps dead notes slides strokes percussive noises
Hammered Dulcimer: standard mallets wood mallets tremolo sordino harmonics pizzicato double pizzicato strokes & glissandi
Accordion: 8' in cassotto 8' a cassotto 4' 16' vibrato tremolo bellows shake stacc. (bellow and key stacc.) left manual 8' + 16' air noises strokes glissandi draw-stop noises
Celesta I: standard
Prepared Piano: various glissandi (with lether, glass) paper on low strings plectron effects screws strokes with gum and much more…
Steinway B: Layers for pedal “up” and pedal “down” sounds seamless dynamic through layer blending pedal noises (resonance)
Toy Piano: standard with hand plucked strokes glissandi
Clavichord: standard
Clavicymbel: 8' 8' Lute stop 8' prepared (damped)
Spinet I: 8' 8' Lute stop strokes glissandi
Spinet II: 8' 8' Lute stop
rubber mallets wiped glissandi damp (short) hand vibrato metal mallets standard mallets damp glissandi pedal noises undefined tones undefined tones key release noises one more dynamic undefined tones hammer noises key release noises undefined tones undefined tones spotted undefined tones
Different colored playing styles & articulations refer to the extended edition.