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Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.5 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player
Xsample professional sound libraries
Instruments / playing styles & articulations:
A bundle of 2 brass instruments, a set of five timpani and 3 percussion collections. All instruments are also available as single purchases with included extended edition add-ons.
German Trumpet: standard senza vibrato staccato flutter tongue standard mute standard mute staccato cup mute cup mute (short) harmon mute harmon mute staccato pedal tones without mouthpiece (soft tone) voice breathing glissandi up and down lip trill mouthpiece strokes air noises valve noises breath noises
Trombone: standard senza vibrato staccato flutter tongue standard mute standard mute staccato cup mute bucket mute voice breathing glissandi up (harmonics glissandi) down (drops) air noises metal noises mouth percussion breath noises
Timpani: Low Timpani - C-Timpani – G-Timpani – High Timpani – Piccolo Timpani For all 5 timpani: with standard timpani mallets damped short strokes damping noises tremolo with standard timpani mallets with hard mallets tremolo with hard mallets with brush with hand kettle sounds wiped on skin sounds with cymbal on skin (18' and 20')
Percussion 1: Castanets Chimes Claves Cymbals (suspended / bowed) Cymbals Muted Gran Cassa Side drum Tamtam Tambourine Tom-toms Triangle Wind Chimes Woodblocks
Percussion 2: Bird (Toy) Bongos Cabaza Claps Conga Friction Drums Frog (Toy) Handbell Hi Hat Horn (Toy) Jews Harps Kalimba Kazoo Lotosflute Maracas Metronome
Percussion 3: Big Drum Piatti Thunder Sheet
  Pasteboard Rattle Pipe (Toy) Rainmaker Rattle Scraper Small Anvil Snips Steel Plates Stones Talk Drum Tibet Bowl Train Pipe (Toy) Trill Pipe (Toy) Water gongs
cup mute (completely closed) cup mute staccato (completely closed) mouthpiece tones shakes (whole tone) slides up + down plunger slow (closed to open) plunger slow (open to closed) mouthpiece tones undefined tones Japanese birdflute Air hose Sound bowl Vellum drum Big tamtam
Different colored playing styles & articulations refer to the extended edition.