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The Extended Editions Stringed and Keyed Instruments are add-on products for Xsample AIL Complete or Xsample AIL Part III. Contained are two additional instruments (Concert Harp II and Celesta II) and the instrument patches for the stringed and keyed instruments are extended with some not yet published sounds. The Kontakt script Preset Designer is completely new developed and makes it possible to dive deep into preset creation with lots of new functions. The Preset Designer can hold 88 Presets. Load and save individual setups with 30 Keyswitches. Xfade (phase aligment) or switch up to 6 playing styles in one preset with only some mouse clicks.
New instrument, additional playing styles and articulations (stringed instruments):
Half- and wholetone trills emulation, flexible round robin and additional random functions creates alive and expressive sounding instruments. The scripts Phrase Designer (13 phrases each a 100 notes and aleatoric functions) and Room Walker are revised, so that they work together with the new Preset Designer.
Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.5 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player
Concert Harp I: pedal noises undefined tones
Concert Harp II: long natural decay damping sounds harmonics
bisbigliando pedal noises undefined tones
Xsample AI Library Extended Edition Stringed Instruments
New instrument, additional playing styles and articulations (keyed instruments):
8 String Guitar: no additional sample content
Hammered Dulcimer: undefined tones
Accordion: no additional sample content
Celesta I: hammer noises
Celesta II: long natural decay
Prepared Piano: no additional sample content
Steinway B: no additional sample content
Toy Piano: key release sounds one additional dynamic undefined tones
Clavichord: key release sounds
Clavicymbel: undefined tones
Spinet I: spotted undefined tones
Spinet II: undefined tones
Xsample AI Library Extended Edition Keyed Instruments
Additional Instruments: Concert Guitar Concert Organ
Xsample AIL Concert Guitar
Xsample AIL Concert Organ
Playing Styles finger senza vibrato finger vibrato sul ponticello sul tasto Bartok pizzicato nail damp short natural harmonics artificial harmonics prepared (wrapped with a broken guitar string) body strokes dead notes slide noises slides up & down plucks behind bridge stringholder plucks undefined harmonics
Disposition Manual 1 1 Copel 8’ + Nasat 2 Rohrgedackt 4’ + Oktave 2’ + Sifflet 1’ 3 Krummhorn 8’ 4 Voce umana 8’ 5 Quintadena 8’ + Prinzipal 4’ + Tierce Combination 1+2+5 Combination Tutti (Manual 1)
Manual 2 1 Rohrfloete 8’ 2 Flauto d’Amore 8’ + Nachthorn 4’ 3 Prinzipal 8’ + Oktave 4’ + Superoktav 2’ 4 Mixtur + Kleine Mixtur 5 Basson 16’ 6 Trompete 8’ Combination 1+2+3+4 Combination Tutti (Manual 2)
Manual 3 1 Flöte 8’ 2 Unda maris 8’ 3 Gambe 8’ + Prinzipal 4’ + Octavin 2’ 4 Oktave 2’ + Kleiner Nasat 5 Kornett + Grossmixtur 6 Dulcian 16’ Combination 1+3+4 Combination Tutti (Manual 3)
Manual 4 1 Gedackt 8’ + Spillfloete 4’ 2 Quinte + Prinzipal 2’ 3 Regal 16’ 4 Mixtur + Cimbel Combination 1+2 Combination Tutti (Manual 4)
Pedal 1 Subbass 16’ 2 Cor chamoise 8’ + Oktave 4’ 3 Prinzipal 16’ + Quinte 4 Posaune 16’ 5 Zink 8’ + Clarino 4’ + Hintersatz Combination 1+2+3 Combination Tutti (Pedal)
Additional sounds stop noises motor on/off noises motor off cluster motor on cluster
additional single instruments
Xsample professional sound libraries
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