Xsample presents with this new version a large number of high quality virtual instruments for composers and musicians.
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Technical data: Xsample AIL Complete: 23198 Samples / 14,3 GB with all add-ons and new instruments: 43198 Samples / 27,1 GB 88 Multis with preset ensembles (.nkm) 205 instrument-Kontakt-patches (.nki / .nkb / .nkm) Finale Human Playback preferences, Sibelius Sound Set, Notion Rules, Reaper Banks and Cubase Expression Maps as additional free downloads „Breath“ Script for controlling the „breath sounds“ (Woodwinds & Brass) „Room Walker“ Script for effects within a virtual two-dimensional space 61 IR Samples (room impulses) A variety of new modulators (e.g. envelope controls) TouchOSC Layout for the complete library PDF documentation for the complete library (english / german) PDF Notation Guide Part I & II for the complete library  
Woodwinds Piccolo Flute C Flute Alto Flute Bass Flute Oboe Oboe d'amore English Horn Alto Saxophone Clarinet (Bb) Clarinet (Eb) Basset Horn Bass Clarinet Bassoon Contrabassoon  
Brass Trumpet Trombone
Strings Violin Viola Violoncello Double Bass
Stringed Instruments Concert Harp 8 String Guitar Cymbal (Dulcimer)
Mallets Marimbaphone Xylophone Vibraphone Glockenspiel Crotales Steel Drum (diatonic) Steel Drum (chromatic)
Keyed Instruments Accordion (Hohner Gola) Steinway B Prepared Piano Celesta Spinet 1 Spinet 2 Clavichord Clavicymbel Toy Piano
Percussion Percussion 1 Castanets, Chimes, Claves, Cymbals, Cymbals Muted, Gran Cassa 1, Side drum, Tam-tam, Tambourine, Tom-toms, Triangle, Wind Chimes, Woodblocks Percussion 2 Bird, Bongos, Cabaza, Claps, Conga, Friction Drums, Frog, Hand bell, Hi Hat, Horn, Jews Harps, Kalimba, Kazoo, Lotosflute, Maracas, Metronome, Pasteboard Rattle, Pipe, Rainmaker, Rattle, Scraper, Small Anvil, Snips, Steel Plates, Stones, Talk Drum, Tibet, Bowl, Train Whistle, Trill Whistle, Water gongs Percussion 3 Big Drum 2, Piatti, Thunder Sheet Timpani (classic) Low Timpani - C-Timpani – G-Timpani High Timpani – Piccolo Timpani with standard timpani mallets – damped short strokes – damping noises – tremolo with standard timpani mallets Timpani (advanced) Low Timpani - C-Timpani – G-Timpani – High Timpani – Piccolo Timpani with hard mallets – tremolo with hard mallets – with brush – with hand – kettle sounds – wiped on skin – sounds with cymbal on skin (18' and 20')
The standard library is available as a complete product, in four separate parts or as single instruments with included extended edition add-ons. All products are based on the same instruments for Kontakt (Version 5.5 or higher). Xsample AIL Complete is expandable with seven Extended Edition add-ons and additional instruments. Whether you work with a notation program such as Finale or Sibelius, or produce with Cubase or Logic or you want to improvise or perform live: the instruments of the Xsample Library can be used in these work situations. In addition to the expanded scope of the Library, a large number of new features have been added.
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Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.5 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player.
Notation Guide Part II
Xsample Acoustic Instruments Library Complete documentation
Notation Guide Part I
Xsample professional sound libraries update 2018-2